Monday, January 15, 2007

My People

It has taken a bunch of years but I'm beginning to see a pattern here... and I think I get it now!

I just finished my family picture wall. Afterwards it felt so good, like a welcomed hug. I remember having this feeling, about a dozen years ago, after finishing my first family picture wall - right after my father died. What I get now is how comforting it is to have 'my people' around me - generation after generation - it softens grief.


Lisa said...

Hey, Pat,

I'm not trying to be urbane here, just urban (in a hip hop kinda way), but have you ever thought of calling "your people" your "peeps". So, instead of your "wall of your people" it could be your "peep show"?

Oh, yeah. I'm full of all kinds of good ideas. Mmmm hmmm.

21 Charles Street said...

It's sort of a saying I've always had - when I'm on playground duty I'll walk over to the kids in the sandbox and say "how are my sandbox people" and so on. I've seen peeps - just hard to teach an old dog new tricks :) Jim - one word about the 'old dog' and I'll have to stop this car.

Annie in Austin said...

Hello 21charlestreet,
When I head out the door to meet friends, my husband says to have a good time with the peeps, then laughs at the conjunction of that word and his middle-aged wife.

A blogger called Mrs Quad told me to come here and see the rooms you have redone. I also like this people wall! We made a similar family picture wall in our dining room, but since I'm an amateur genealogist, there are many small copies of old wedding photos in there, too.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

21 Charles Street said...

My good friend always says 'peeps' - (and she really is old :)) it's just something I never got into but I like when others use it. This picture wall is one of many that I've done. As soon as I finish redoing the second bedroom I'll be ready to put up my 'generations of women' in our family. I'm glad you joined us Annie and what is the 'transplantable rose'?

jim said...

Uh, Pat? Go check out Annie's blog. I think she's a little out of our league. Ok, that's it. I'm giving up on gardening.

21 Charles Street said...

Oh my goodness Jim, I did check it out - amazing. You're right - but we'll keep plodding along :)