Thursday, January 18, 2007


Hey, it's not easy being the state bird of Maine. See what I'm saying? Sure, it's fine for three seasons. Lots of lush green forest, 352 miles of coastline, friendly people, with funny accents, buying us birdseed, nuts, and suet. Yessiree Bob, next winter me and the Mrs. are packing up and going any place warmer.


jim said...

Uh, I'm no expert, but isn't that a Carolina Chickadee?


21 Charles Street said...

If it is, it was very, very lost. I took this picture in South Hampton by setting up my Nikon on a tripod on the kitchen counter, I then put a cloth over the kitchen window and had the lense only sticking out - I used a remote and would take pictures as birds landed on the lilac bush or feeder. I have four seasons of birds in similar positions.

The Carolina Chickadee is very similiar in appearance but slightly smaller. There is a slight difference in the wings but that's not a reliable comparison due to seasonal changes in the birds.

Good Lord I sound like Miss Jane on the Beverly Hillbillies don't I? :)

jim said...

Miss Jane was HAWT!

21 Charles Street said...

Ah ha, so that's where it all started with you Jim!

Annie in Austin said...

Miss Jane was fun. We get the Carolina Chickadees here, but I think the ones in IL were black-capped. Each time we've moved, a chickadee voice has said hello as we unpacked - nice birds.

Thank you for telling how you caught this photo - maybe I can use your technique!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose