Wednesday, March 14, 2007


This one is for Lisa who requested pictures of New Hampshire. This is taken from the cross country ski trails at Bretton Woods. Ok - so now I'm ready for green grass and flowers!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


This is another reason I love Maine. Last year my school received news that there was a live web site recording the birth of baby eagles. My seven little rug rats and I would watch day after day as the eggs hatched, the baby eagle chicks appeared, as mom and dad brought daily meals for them to eat, as they matured and then one day left the nest - then we had months and months of the empty nest syndrome.

March 5th the eagles started their next brood. Mom and dad can be seen exchanging incubation duties. This morning I watched and listened as a rival crow and seagull were chased away by one of the parents.

This is the second year for the Eagle Cam site and it has become news across the nation. Today alone, there were 3.5 million hits. They ask that we respect the two minute limit so that all may enjoy - and believe me it is so hard to limit yourself time wise as this is just fascinating to watch. As an alternative I leave the web page up where I get a refresher shot every 15 seconds.

Welcome to Maine - The Way Life Should Be