Friday, May 18, 2007


I just got off the phone with my sister Elizabeth who has gone through several months of intensive chemotherapy for a very aggressive and rare type of pancreatic cancer. Today her scan results showed that she is 'cancer free'. That tumor hit the road jack - not feeling the love in her body - it's gone; kaput, out of here. To me, who has seen her determination, her strength, her focus on doing anything necessary to fight this C word, she is my hero, my Lance Armstrong. I just want to share with the blog world that HOPE is such a great word!

The picture I have attached is of Elizabeth and I at a recent Stowe, VT Weekend of Hope event that is held every year for cancer survivors. For anyone who knows someone currently dealing with cancer or having survived cancer we highly recommend that they check out as this yearly weekend event was one of the most moving, life-altering experiences that we have ever had.

And... thanks for the help Barb. We miss you!