Saturday, January 6, 2007

More Maine Musings

And while we're on the subject - here's my favorite thing to watch while paddling my kayak along the lakes of Maine. They are such a magnificent bird. It seems that everytime I go out in this one particular lake I am surrounded by loons.


Lisa said...


Great picture. Again, gotta say, how lucky you are to live where you do. Maine is one of my favorite places on earth.

Looking at your picture took the kids and I back to our Maine/Vermont/New Hampshire vacation a couple of years. We spent hours one morning walking along Squam Lake and following a family of loons. Man, can they dive underwater quickly--and stay so long!

Beautiful. Thanks.

21 Charles Street said...

Your welcome Lisa - here's my tip for your next visit to this area. Rent a kayak - head towards the loons - they'll dive, then book it to where you think they'll come up and sit silently. Most often they will come up within a few feet of your kayak. Squam Lake is one of the best in New Hampshire - the water is so clean.