Monday, January 8, 2007


This weekend I had the opportunity to enjoy the company of my mother, my sister Jody, and my Sister Barbara's friend Jeff. I first met Jeff about a year ago as he and I relieved one another in the priviledge of taking care of Barbara during her chemotherapy and then afterwards in the last stages of her cancer. The more time I spent with my sister Barbara the more I began to realize the depth and the magnitude of her friendship with Jeff. Recently I have come to understand that even after death, they will continue to share a remarkable bond, this thing called friendship.

As I drove home this weekend I couldn't help reflecting on how important it is to have friends, to share friendship, to have that one special friend that you can tell anything, the person that travels through all the ups and downs with you and is always there for you. Thanks Leslie. Thanks Jeff.


Lisa said...


That was a beautiful post. So well written. So loving. So positive. You go, girl!

And thanks for reminding me what the secret of life is: Friends. And family.

jim said...

The whole point of that blog entry, for those that don't know, was to show off to the rest of us that she spent some time with Mom.

Big deal! Did you send her a large, fuzzy blanket from New Zealand for Christmas? 'Cuz Bobby and I did....

21 Charles Street said...

You ain't right Jim!

Jeff said...

Thank you Pat. You and all of your family are now my family too. Your sentiments touched me deeply. What a great dinner.

It was such a wonderful evening to spend time with you, Jody and mom. And yes, Jim ... where were you? At least Elizabeth had a fairly good excuse although she at least called. And I know Michael was on the other side of the continent and Bobby was a bit too far to travel too. But Jim, you could have hopped in that fancy convertible and made it here in plenty of time. tsk, tsk.