Monday, December 11, 2006

Renovations 101

While I don't claim to be any way, shape, or form, in a league with my brother (s) - I can shape up a pretty fine looking room when I have to. When I started on the livingroom I found that it had five layers of wallpaper - had never been sized or primed - in other words an impossible task to strip all the layers without gouging out the horsehair plaster wall. Oh, did I forget to mention that this house is over a hundred years old.

I actually got three layers of paper off and found a textured layer of wallpaper that was pretty intact - so I left that layer, sanded, repaired, primed and painted the walls, repaired all the woodwork (after 5 years of tenants who didn't care what they banged into it) and actually was able to repair tons of cracks in the original, swirl, ceiling - repainting it and having it come out like new. Some furniture, pictures, and voila - Sparkey has a new livingroom.

I'm not crazy about the color - that may be changed somewhere down the line. Thanks to all the wonderful things from Barbara - I think it looks kinda nice.

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jim said...

That's awesome, is what that is sis. What you talkin' 'bout, not in the same league? Looking around my house, and looking at your picture, I can't hang with you. And that's for real....