Friday, December 22, 2006


Stayed home sick today and of course like any good Chandler I used some of my morning time to make potato candy. Then afterwards I took a three hour nap. Those dang germ infested rug rats keep giving me these flus. Now, back to the potato candy. I love watching the face of someone who has never tasted this delight before. Afterwards there is always the question, what's in this? Potato you meathead! As I was making this batch I couldn't help but think where it originally came from - the people that came to our great-grandmother's bakery in Bradford must have really looked forward to Christmas and the opportunity to have 'Potato Candy'.


jim said...

Aw, pickles. I wish I could have some potato candy!

Elizabeth said...

Hey, that's no fair... I want some potato candy. Especially now. Don't suppose they are low fat?