Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bah Humbug

I know, I know, - I live in Maine, what else would one expect right... Bah humbug! I consider myself the type of person who always believes the glass is half full. It's another matter when it comes to shovels. I prefer them empty. At all times! I actually don't mind the first snowfall. But that's it. No more, please...

As I write this, my friend Leslie is boarding a plane for Florida where she will stay for the next month, walking along warm sandy beaches, watching dolphins play along the shore, sipping god knows what as the balmy breezes caress her tanned skin - bitch!


Lisa said...

Are full shovels of snow in Maine and thoughts of a sun-kissed tan enjoying cocktails in balmy Florida causing your half-full optimism to wane? Need a head change? A different perspective to perk you up?

Consider this: Quiet blankets of deep snow. Crackling fire. Soft, down comforter embracing chilled skin in Maine. How lucky you are to be THERE! I’m thinking the other side of the bliss edge might well be spending a month with that set up. That, and maybe some time with a girl’s best friend, a Buttery Nipple. The alcoholic kind :-) (1 shot each butterscotch liquor, Godiva white chocolate liquor, and warm half-n-half). Go ahead, caress your full-glassfulness with a full glass of that--after all that snow removal, you deserve it. And then, why not have another and toast to Leslie? Happy New Year.

Jeff said...

Stop your complaining. :-)
It's raining and 33 degrees here on the Cape. Oh, did I mention it's gray too. Not very cozy. I would love to se some of the white stuff. Maybe I could come help shovel. Happy New Year! I drink a toast to you.